What is your goal with fundraising?

We are currently raising funds for the build on the 133 Acre Property, Rough number are; this will be a 15,000,000 dollar build, but it can house 440 homeless veterans when it completed. All dollars not needed for direct care of the 12 residents we currently have go directly to this build.

You can find out more on how our funds will be spent by attending our next zoom meeting or by simply reviewing our business plan for the village. Contact us for more details.

Would you use Septic and Aquaponic Greenhouses

Yes! Going green as possible is our goal! We would designate the land which would be used for septic and aquaponic greenhouses. We will apply to the State of Texas for our septic permit and seek out a producer and installer for the septic, this septic would be for all “neighborhoods” in the future as well as the first areas we will build.

Do you have homes now and are there any immdiate needs for these homes?

Yes! As of 07/02/21 We currently have three homes. We are currently housing seven veterans and thier families. We need to build two wheelchair ramps on existing homes, which also need solar in a perfect world. As both have recently been inspected, we do know that any other immediate actions are needed for the existing homes. We do keep them very well maintained and our veterans are a big part of that. Donation are always welcomed CLICK HERE

How many tiny homes do you plan on building?

Our Current Plan is Phase 1 of the new build will house 188, including 9 small businsses where our residents can get work experience. 20 Homes for (single adult) veterans, 9 Family homes, 9 which will be veterans who will also work on site full time, Emergency housing for 60 (military bunk style)

Would you use solar for electricity?

Yes! We are all about making the village green as possible when and where we can.

We have been looking for a solar company to partner with so that we can accomplish all our green goals. Solar, we hope, will be the main source for everything electrical. We think this is important especially since the last freeze in Texas. Our long term goal is to build a solar farm so that we can sell back to the grid and maybe help pay for the village.

What about water?

We will have the land tested for well water (even if on rural water) to reduce the cost of the village’s utilities over the years. If well water would be available, we will look into getting wells drilled and using the solar for water pumps.

Have you found the property for the village?

We have signed the Contract and placed hold funds on this 133 acre property with 2 ponds

Are there any homeless vets you're taken care of now?

Yes, as of 07/17/2021 we have 12 - Including 3 Children under 10, veterans and their families housed between three properties.

What are the immediate needs for the current resident veterans?

We do a really great job at taking care of our vets when they are with us. Contact us for immediate needs or you can always make a financial contribution by clicking here

How does a vet qualify to be a resident?

A veteran qualifies to live at SVV by being homeless or at-risk, such as living week-to-week, having domestic issues, losing a job, and facing eviction. They enter into a contract to work (or volunteer for Serenity) 20 hours a week, along with a contract to not drink or do drugs. They must also show proof of service in any military. For surviving spouse/dependents the death certificate of the veteran will suffice.



One of the many goals is to build a reception building for our new tiny home village for veterans. This will help us process the veterans quickly and safely. 

Our tiny home plans are simple. 


Here is one of the floor plan designs for the tiny house